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Folding Arm Awnings (Outdoor Awnings)

Folding Arm Awning Facia Bracket Installation Brustor B35 Full Cassette Folding Arm Awning Brustor B50 Full Cassette Folding Arm Awning Open Style Folding Arm Awnings Semi Cassette Folding Arm Awnings    Folding Arm Awnings are the perfect answer for sun shelter for entertainment areas. All Folding Arm Awnings made by Campbell & Heeps are fully [...]

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Suspended Patio Shades (Outdoor Awnings)

 Suspended Patio Shades and Blinds (also known as pleated patio shades) Suspended Patio Shades are the perfect and most cost-effective way to shade your pergola or entertaining area. At Campbell & Heeps Melbourne we have a beautiful range of Patio blinds and shades that are easily operated and cleaned. All of our Patio blinds and [...]

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Rope and Pulley Butcher Blinds (Outdoor Blinds)

Name: Rope and Pulley Butcher Blinds   Item Code: 324 – Rope and Pulley Butcher Blinds Website Folder: 23. Rope and Pulley Butcher Blinds (Outdoor Blinds) Description     Maximum Width: Minimum Width: 5500mm 600mm Maximum Drop: Minimum Drop: 3000mm 500mm Maximum Sqm: Head Box size: 175mm (h) 150mm (d) Installation: Window Recess Window Face [...]

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Fixed Frame Awnings (Outdoor Awnings)

Fixed frame awnings are a sleek, finished sun and weather protection solution. For shop fronts or residential properties, they are the perfect answer for protecting doorways and entrances. Or for adding flair and advertising space to your shopfront. Very robust-All weather product Strong Square tubular powder-coated steel or aluminium frames Acrylic or Mesh fabrics available [...]

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Dutch Hood Canopies (Outdoor Awnings)

For covering doorways or high northerly sun nothing beats the traditional awnings. Dutch Hood & Canopy Awnings Custom made in size and shape, the range of choices with these awnings is fantastic. Dutch Hood canopies are often used to shelter doorways and walkways from weather and sun. They can also be effective at shading windows [...]

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G Screen Blinds (Outdoor Blinds)

  The G Screen was developed to meet a need for a modern sun solution that is not only robust and easy to use but has clean lines and adds to the look of your home. The smooth rounded cassette style head box fully encases the roller, fabric, motor and brackets, all in a space [...]

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Pool Covers (Outdoor Covers)

Description: Pool CoversCampbell & Heeps can custom install your revere mesh pool covers. These fantastic winter products will fix to the size and shape of your swimming pool to ensure leaves, ducks, sticks and other debris don’t get in your pool over winter. Mesh pool covers are secured with ropes and fixing plugs at several [...]

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Fixed Guide Awnings (Outdoor Blinds)

Description Fixed guide awnings are an extremely practical and versatile style of awning. The fixed guide refers to the rails that run down either side of the awning, giving the flexibility of stopping the awning at any point without having to secure the base rail. A fixed guide awning will resemble a traditional sunblind aesthetically [...]

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Sunblind Awnings (Outdoor Blinds)

Outdoor Blinds Online Traditional Sunblind Canvas Awnings Melbourne (also known as Autos or ASBs) Sunblind Canvas Awnings Melbourne are the original design for heat protection on windows. The quintessential ‘awning’ look and function of these canvas blinds has lasted throughout the decades and is still the go-to style and most cost-effective way to shade windows. These [...]

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Roller Shutters (Outdoor Blinds)

Roller shutters are a great way to insulate your home and provide protection from storms and intruders. They are a multifunction aluminium blind and come in a large range of styles and colours. They can be fitted to the external wall of existing homes or built-into new homes or offices. Roller shutters protect your home [...]

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