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Shutters are the latest fashion in window fashions!

Shutters are the latest fashion in window fashions! Plantation shutters are not only a stylish way to protect your home from heat and prying eyes they are also a wise investment to increase the value [...]

Walkway Awnings (Outdoor Awnings)

  Walkway Awnings For Outdoors Campbell & Heeps can manufacture a new custom walkway awning or re-cover existing canvas awnings. Great for protection from all weather conditions, these awnings are mainly used at entrances to [...]

Parasol Umbrellas (Outdoor Umbrellas)

Parasol Umbrellas are the perfect way to shade your entertaining, pool and eating areas. They have a range of key features: Single movement sliding system Rotate 300 degree Multiple – 1, 2, 3 or 4 [...]

Carbolite Awnings (Outdoor Awnings)

Carbolite awnings from Campbell & Heeps are an excellent solution for all weather protection for doorways, walkways, windows and entertainment areas. Carbolite awnings offer traditional or contemporary looks. These custom-made polycarbonate awnings and covers are [...]

Suspended Patio Shades (Outdoor Awnings)

 Suspended Patio Shades and Blinds (also known as pleated patio shades) Suspended Patio Shades are the perfect and most cost-effective way to shade your pergola or entertaining area. At Campbell & Heeps Melbourne we have [...]