Cord Blinds

Internal blinds such as Venetian blinds, timber Venetian Blinds, honeycomb blinds, and Roman blinds and curtains can all be operated by cords. For safety, cords must be split – not continuous – and set to a specific height.

Campbell & Heeps always ensures your cord lengths are at an optimal height for ease of use and safety.

Cleats are provided to keep cords taught and prevent them from dangling down. You can discuss with your installer where you would like cleats to be installed.

Chain operated blinds

Chain operation is the most popular way to operate internal blinds, as it is easy to use and versatile. Roller blinds, Roman blinds and honeycomb blinds can all be chain operated. Chains must, by law, be set at a safe height and secured to the wall.

Campbell & Heeps only use Acmeda quality chain and chain mechanisms, as they are the highest quality parts available to the Australian market.

Chains are available in 6 colours – Metal (Steel), White, Birch White, Grey, Black, and Beige, with bottom rails and brackets to match.

Chain Breakage

As with any product, common wear and tear will eventually have an effect on the chain mechanisms of roller blinds. We recommend the following to extend the life of your chain-operated blinds:

  • Always use the chain as directly under the blind as possible not pulled at an angle.
  • Use chains slowly and gently, as yanking on chains may cause snapping or chains to come loose.
  • If your chain comes away from the mechanism or snaps, please call us we can often talk you through reattaching, or bring the blind down to our Burwood location, and we can often fix on the spot for you. This saves you the expense of a service call and is quite often the quickest option.


Vertical blinds and curtains or drapes have the option of being operated by a wand.

These stylish looking rods are used to drag the blind or curtain back and forth within the track to open and close.

Geared Operation

Gear operation is generally seen as the easiest to use of the manual mechanisms for outdoor blinds. By hooking the crank handle into the eyelet to one side of your blind or awning, you can then easily wind or ‘crank’ the blind in and out/up and down.

With gear operated blinds and awnings, you are never bearing the weight of the blind and there is no danger of losing control as with springs.

Campbell & Heeps offers various colours for your gearbox, and crank handles come in black or white.

Gear operated blinds are easily upgraded to motorised if you are looking for more convenience or if the blinds are used on a daily basis.


Rope operated fixed guide awnings are excellent for difficult to access windows. Ropes can be pulled through a hole in the window frame to allow blind use from inside your home. The other option is for the rope to be pulled and cleated on the outside through a series of pulleys.


Blind automation is the most convenient way to simplify the operation of your blinds awnings or curtains.

Campbell and Heeps can motorise any of our customs made retractable blinds and awnings. Incorporating hidden tubular motors for a subtle discreet finish, motorized blinds are perfect for keeping your area clear with no hanging control chains, rods or cords.

Campbell and Heeps’ motorisation provides convenience and ease of operation, retracting and lowering your blinds and awnings at the touch of a button. Perfect for operating blinds in difficult locations, large size windows or to ease the operation of frequently used blinds.

Our experienced well-trained consultants can come to you and advise on all aspects of motorised blinds and awnings including:

  • Remote control blinds
  • Home automation integration
  • Hardwire motors
  • Pre-wiring blinds for new builds
  • Multiple blind control
  • Sun and wind sensors – automatic projection and retraction
  • Motion Sensors – automatic retraction
  • Power requirements

We recommend SOMFY motors for use in all our blinds and awnings. The quality, range and service from SOMFY cannot be matched. This is backed by their five-year warranty on motors and one-year warranty on remotes, as well as a sleek designer range of control units.

Ask us today about motorised blinds for your:

  • Folding Arm Awnings
  • Canvas Sunblinds
  • Straight Drop Awnings
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Curtains
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