Insulation protection from Custom Blinds

Most new home design focuses on open-plan layout and a lovely increase in natural light  – Melbourne home windows are getting bigger and bigger.

Large expanses of glass (even double glazed) can result in heat loss in the winter months and can also heat your home too much in the summer months. This can lead to higher use of air conditioners or heating systems.

According to the Energy Smart House recommendations 

“Shading devices should allow for ventilation on the outside of the window. If shading is fitted too closely to the window, warm air can be trapped and heat conducted into the room. If external shading is not feasible, internal shading devices such as close-fitting blinds, lined curtains or internal shutters are preferable to no shading at all.”

They say variety is the spice of life, and thank goodness there are so many options for protecting the windows in your home. 

All styles of blinds and shutters are being made in increasingly larger sizes to keep up with the larger size windows check with us for maximum sizes for your blinds!


Traditional Curtains and Drapes

The best way to keep your home cool in summer or the heat in in winter is with a lined curtain and custom made pelmet. The benefits come from have full coverage on both sides and top. Also the three pass quality light coloured linings on custom drapes will help in reflecting heat and protecting your designer face fabric.

And there are So Many options for curtain fabrics! There has been a design boom in the last year or so, and there are now colours and styles of fabric to meet any trend! Curtains can be made to fit almost any window size and can even be motorised for ease of use!

Curtains add to your home as 

  • Modern style (sfold) or traditional (Pinch Pleat)
  • Sheer for light filtering and privacy or blockout for heat protection
  • Decorative rods or tracks or pelmets can enhance the look and function
  • Combine with roller blinds or shutters for full insulation effect


Original style fabric blinds : Roller, Bonded and Roman blinds

With advances in product development, and when installed for best results, the internal fabric blinds are fantastic cool option.

Designer fabrics, fabrics with strong weaves, blockout fabrics, and bonded fabrics are all popular choices for these styles of blind. They come in a wide variety of colours textures and styles.

The maximum thermal benefit of internal fabric blinds comes when there is a double layer of blinds which forms an insulating air pocket between the fabric layers. A double roller blind or combination of sheer roller and roman blind will keep you cool in summer and help keep you warm in winter.


Honeycomb or Cellular blinds

The simple and effective minimalist style honeycomb blinds aren’t used to make a statement. If you’re looking for clean lines and a natural light filtering effect combined with maximum thermal protection in winter, this is the blind for you.

The core of the “honeycomb” shape formed by the the two layers of folded fabric gives these blinds their excellent insulating properties.

Air is a slow conductor of temperature, very small amount of heat passes through the body of these blinds, helping maintain the internal temperature of your home.

Honeycomb or cellular or pleated fabric blinds are available in a range of colours and opacities, from block-out to light filtering choices.

Honeycomb blinds are ideal for bigger windows and difficult access windows such as skylights or stairwell windows. Honeycomb blinds can be operated by cord lock, by hand or even with a motor and remote control.


Blockout, translucent or sheer?

Sheer and light filtering fabrics diffuse and filter strong light, protecting your home from the summer sun rays but still letting gentle light through.

Sheer and translucent fabrics are beautiful and practical, balancing light control and glare reduction and style.

Blockout fabrics offer complete light control and can have an excellent insulation effect. Especially the self lined or backed premium fabrics that reflect more heat than the single colour budget fabrics.

Block-out fabrics are perfect for west facing rooms that receive a lot of direct sun and heat.

About forty percent of heat or cold is coming through the glass of our windows, and any option we put on the window, correctly-fitted, will make a world of difference in your home.


  • Select the right style of blind for your window and home
  • Consider window direction for fabric and style selection
  • Layer multiple blinds wherever possible, combine a sheers blockout blinds
  • Prioritise the largest and west facing windows when you budget
  • Consider motorisation for blinds that have heavy use