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Product Information

Maximum Width: 3000mm

Maximum Drop: 3000mm

Minimum Width: 3000mm

Minimum Sqm: NA

Head Rail size Standard 40mm

Installation: Window Recess, Window Face, Butt and Through

Material Options: Self Backed Blockout

Operation: Cord, Chain, Motorised


  • Functional for privacy and shading incorporating a stylish look
  • Softly structured, or straight clean modern looks
  • Manual cord, chain or motorized operations available
  • Highly effective for thermal protection in Summer and Winter
  • Accessorize and decorate with beautiful trims, beading, contrast panels or bands

Cleaning: Vacuum, Warm Damp Cloth, Duster

Product Description

Add A Touch of Elegance with Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a popular window style that is designed from fabrics that gradually fold when the drawstring is pulled. The blinds consist of mounting slats that are connected to cords. When the blind is lifted, it folds into pleats. Roman blinds make a wonderful alternative to curtains and can be crafted from different fabrics, from silk to cotton and linen. The broad selection of colours and designs ensures that you get a Roman blind that harmoniously merges with the existing décor of your setting. Check the collection that we have at Campbell & Heeps today to explore the options.

Why Choose Our Roman Blinds in Melbourne?

Wondering what makes us the leading store for Roman blinds in Melbourne?

We have an exquisite selection of blinds tailored from the finest fabrics to offer the perfect fusion of style and aesthetics. If you choose to place an order with us, you can benefit in the following ways:

  • An extensive range of fabrics and colours
  • Expertly designed blinds with an emphasis on every detail
  • A premium range to add a touch of luxury
  • An experienced team to assist you
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Roman blinds for every room

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Roman blinds?2023-08-02T03:40:28+00:00

Roman blinds are a type of window dressing that are designed from a single piece of fabric. The blind folds into pleats when open. The chic style and versatility make Roman blinds the perfect option for your home.

Which is the best fabric for Roman blinds?2023-08-02T03:40:42+00:00

There are various fabrics that make a suitable choice for Roman blinds. You need to consider the level of light filtering required. There are interesting patterns and designs to explore and you can choose fabrics like cotton or linen for your Roman blinds.

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