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Product Information

Maximum Sqm: 6.9 Sqm

Roller & Bracket size: 100mm X 100mm Space required

Installation: Window Recess, Window Face, Butt Through

Material Options: Block out Polyester, Blockout Self Backed, Sheer and light filter fabrics

Operation: Chain, Motorised, Springs


  • Efficient and affordable with a stylish modern look
  • Space saving; roll up to minimal space in window frame
  • Very Easy to use Chain or spring operated, or motorised
  • Colour coordinated base rails and chain mechanisms
  • Heat and light protecting
  • Privacy Day and Night (Dual Rollers)
  • Available in wider widths for larger windows
  • Cost Effective – Fabrics for every budget and taste
  • Huge range of blind fabric colours and patterns to match any interior décor
  • Can be linked across wide widths and bifold doors

Cleaning: Vacuum, Warm Damp Cloth, Duster

Product Description

Discover the Best Blockout Roller Blinds in Melbourne

Campbell & Heeps brings you the finest selection of block out blinds in a selection of styles and sizes to suit your space. Our block out blinds are crafted to adhere to the highest standards and are built with features for seamless operation. The blinds are suitable for various rooms and are specifically designed to block light. They make a great choice for the bedroom and kid’s room for an uninterrupted sleep experience. If you want to black out a room, check out the choices that we have. Our block out blinds are precision manufactured for superior performance, and you will surely be impressed with the results.

Why Choose Our Blockout Blinds?

At Campbell & Heeps, we believe that the right window covering can make a huge difference in the appeal and functionality of any room. Blinds offer a wonderful way to make the best of your space, and we have an impressive range. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider buying blockout blinds from us.

  • A broad collection of blinds to suit every room
  • Blockout blinds designed to last
  • Freedom to experiment with different styles and colours
  • Fabrics and textures that harmoniously merge with the existing décor
  • Easy to maintain blackout blinds
  • Competitive pricing
  • Exceptional customer service

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the blockout roller blind options?2023-08-02T04:36:14+00:00

At Campbell & Heeps, we have a range of fabric choices for blockout roller blinds in various colours and patterns. We also have extra thick premium fabrics for enhanced insulation.

Do bloackout roller blinds keep the heat out?2023-08-02T04:36:32+00:00

Blockout roller blinds make the perfect choice for thermal protection and near-complete blackout. The blinds can be used to create a comfortable space for uninterrupted sleep and to make the most of your space during those bright mornings.

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