Dual Roller Blinds

Dual Roller Blinds2023-08-11T09:53:54+00:00
Product Information

Maximum Sqm: 6.9 Sqm

Roller & Bracket size: 100mm X 100mm Space required

Installation: Window Recess, Window Face, Butt Through

Material Options: Block out Polyester, Blockout Self Backed, Sheer and light filter fabrics

Operation: Chain, Motorised, Springs


  • Efficient and affordable with a stylish modern look
  • Space saving; roll up to minimal space in window frame
  • Very Easy to use Chain or spring operated, or motorised
  • Colour coordinated base rails and chain mechanisms
  • Heat and light protecting
  • Privacy Day and Night (Dual Rollers)
  • Available in wider widths for larger windows
  • Cost Effective – Fabrics for every budget and taste
  • Huge range of blind fabric colours and patterns to match any interior décor
  • Can be linked across wide widths and bifold doors

Cleaning: Vacuum, Warm Damp Cloth, Duster

Product Description

Discover the Best Dual Roller Blinds in Melbourne at Campbell Heeps

Looking for a window covering to get the perfect combination of style and function?

At Campbell & Heeps, we have fabulous options for dual roller blinds for unmatched versatility. Our selection of blinds features two layers of fabrics that can be chosen based on the light filtering requirement of your space. You can select blackout fabrics for complete darkness and combine them with a second layer of semi-sheer screen for gently filtering light. Our range of dual roller blinds in Melbourne is available in an assortment of colours and styles to match your interiors perfectly. Explore our dual roller blinds choices to discover the design possibilities.

Why Choose Dual Roller Blinds?

  • Adaptable window covering
  • An extensive range of fabric options
  • Highly versatile option for the modern home
  • Offering ultimate light control
  • Enrich your space with a sophisticated touch

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are dual roller blinds?2023-08-02T03:31:01+00:00

Dual roller blinds feature two fabric layers and make a versatile choice for the modern home. You can choose the dimout option for the top layer and a semi-sheer screen as the second layer.

What are the benefits of a dual roller blind?2023-08-02T03:31:17+00:00

The most important benefit of a dual roller blind is that it offers different lighting options for your home. From daytime privacy to gently filtering sunlight, dual roller blinds offer the choice of how you would like to control light. With the styles and design options, they also make a great choice for refreshing the décor of your home.

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