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Canvas Awnings

Traditional Sunblind Canvas Awnings (also known as Autos or ASBs)

Sunblind Canvas Awnings are the original design for heat protection on windows. The quintessential ‘awning’ look and function of these canvas blinds is still the go-to style, and most cost-effective way to shade your windows.

Fabric ranges and colour pallets have developed over the years, and original canvas awnings can now be enhanced by blockout acrylic and modern see-though mesh fabrics.

The operation of a sunblind is easy and intuitive, just hook and pull down with your lightweight pull stick to any stopping point, and the arms will hold the canvas awnings in place.

The angle created by the projecting arms allows for cooling airflow and the ability to open your windows with the canvas blinds down.

<h2>Heat Protective Awnings </h2>Canvas blinds fabric will darken the room and give you a very high level of heat protection. Blockout acrylic fabrics will block your view and reduce heat and UV transfer, whilst adding a designer look. The newer mesh fabrics are a great way to shade your window whilst maintain your view, and with different densities available, the mesh awnings are becoming a popular way to keep the heat out.

With options for hood colours, straight or wavy finish with coordinated binding, the sunblind can be made to complement your traditional or modern home.

The sunblind canvas awnings systems are reliable and robust, and they can be re-clothed after years of use when the fabric has started to degrade. Campbell & Heeps offer an awning re-cloth service on sunblinds and some other types of canvas awnings.

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