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Product Information

Maximum Width: 8m

Minimum Width:1m

Maximum Drop: 5+m

Min Drop: 0m

Install options: Face Windows, recess window, pelmet

Material Options: Linen sheer, polyester sheer, cotton blend, Lace


  • Privacy
  • Light Filtering
  • Light Shading
  • Enhance decor
  • Interior design
Product Description

An Elegant Selection of Sheer Curtains in Melbourne

Sheer curtains are translucent curtains that make the ideal choice for the bedroom and living space. The curtains ensure that spaces are well-lit and ventilated and make a versatile window covering to accomplish a harmonious balance of aesthetics and functionality. Sheer curtains can also be combined with blockouts for dual functionality and optimal light control. At Campbell & Heeps, we have a broad collection of sheer curtains in an assortment of fabrics, colours, and textures so that you can find something that perfectly matches the existing décor of your room. Browse through our fabulous range to enrich your room with a soothing effect.

Why Choose Our Sheer Curtains in Melbourne?

  • A huge collection of Australia-made sheer curtains
  • Sheer curtains designed from high-quality fabrics
  • Custom-made options to suit any window
  • Affordable choices to suit every budget
  • Sheer curtains that perfectly stop glare
  • Expertly designed curtains to add a sophisticated look to your room

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sheer curtains?2023-08-02T08:05:58+00:00

Sheer curtains are designed from lightweight and transparent fabrics to soften and filter natural light. The curtains offer a layer of protection from the harsh rays of the sun while enhancing the overall ambience of a room.

Do sheer curtains provide privacy?2023-08-02T08:06:16+00:00

Sheer curtains are primarily used to lower glare and add softness to your room. The curtains help to retrain the view outside and add some privacy.

What are the features of sheer curtains?2023-08-02T08:06:44+00:00
  • Sheer curtains are designed to diffuse sunlight
  • The curtains offer an additional layer of privacy
  • The curtains work as a zone of transition between indoor and outdoor living
  • The curtains often have folds and waves
  • The curtains can be layered for dual functionality
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