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Product Description

Enjoy the Outdoors All Year Round With Our Shades in Melbourne

Campbell & Heeps brings you the perfect sun protection options to elevate the appeal of your property while offering all-year comfort. With our shades in Melbourne, you can transform your patio and create an attractive, entertaining space. We have specifically designed shades to offer protection against the rain, sun, and breeze. With our selection of shades in Melbourne, you can extend your living space and create a casual-style outdoor living area. We have a broad range of options to suit every setting and invite you to view our fabulous collection of shades in Melbourne. We are confident that you will be impressed with the choices.

Custom Patio Shades in Melbourne

We believe that every space has its unique requirements. So, why not tailor patio shades exclusively for your property? We are a leading supplier and take pride in offering an unrivalled range of patio shades that are constructed to harmoniously merge with the décor of your home while creating an inviting space. The choices with our custom patio shades are amazing, and we can build to your exact specifications. We strive to ensure that the needs of our customers are met with our stunning selection of patio shades and assure you of a fulfilling buying experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are patio shades?2023-08-02T07:40:54+00:00

Patio shades make an effective option to shield your outdoor area from the harsh elements of weather. Patio shades are available in various styles, sizes, and colours to match your requirements. You can also create a custom patio shade to perfectly complement your property. Our patio shades are designed with the Australian weather in mind and make a great investment to improve the look and functionality of your space.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a patio shade?2023-08-02T07:41:12+00:00

If you are planning to invest in patio shades, make sure to consider the following factors.

  • There are different materials with varying levels of opacity. Consider the options and choose something that suits your requirements.
  • If you want an added layer of privacy, choose a patio shade designed from an opaque material.
  • Choose a patio shade that effectively shields your property from the heat and glare.
  • Select a texture, style and colour that suits your property.
  • Patio shades can either be operated manually or motorised. Consider your options.

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