For covering doorways or high northerly sun nothing beats the traditional awnings. Dutch Hood & Canopy Awnings Custom made in size and shape, the range of choices with these awnings is fantastic. Dutch Hood canopies are often used to shelter doorways and walkways from weather and sun. They can also be effective at shading windows from the high sun whilst still letting you see out from underneath.

Dutch hoods are part of a family of canopy awnings including ellipse, eyelid, bullnose and French style awnings.

Campbell & Heeps manufacture canopy awnings with aluminium skeleton frames, the fabrics are custom cut and stretched then secured to the frame using colour coordinated binding and ribbing.

You select the fabric colour, the shape and whether you’d like a wavy or straight valance, we do the rest!

Maximum Width:

Minimum Width:



Maximum Drop:

Minimum Drop:



Maximum Sqm: Headrail size:
Installation: Window Recess Window Face
Material Options: Blockout Acrylic Blockout Canvas Weave Mesh
  • Easy to use- Maintenance free
  • Wide variety of fabrics – Full block out and see-through mesh
  • Robust and quiet in windy conditions
  • Fixed Weather Canopies
  • Variety of shapes
  • Rounded front or flat front
  • Ideal for shop fronts, great advertising potential
  • Perfect for home entrances and rounded windows
  • Traditional styling for classic look
Cleaning: Pressure Hose Brush off when dry Wait until dry before putting away
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