Fixed guide awnings are an extremely practical and versatile style of awning. The fixed guide refers to the rails that run down either side of the awning, giving the flexibility of stopping the awning at any point without having to secure the base rail. A fixed guide awning will resemble a traditional sunblind aesthetically but has more options for control, the fixed guide awnings can be rope, gear or motor driven awnings.

This makes them ideal for high or out of reach windows, whereby you can use the rope on the inside or outside of the room or the convenience of a remote control motor.

The Gear operated fixed guide is a newer design which makes using your outdoor blinds effortless.

Fixed guide awnings come with a choice of blockout and mesh style fabrics, and can be made to come straight down or project out at an angle for airflow.

Other options in designing your fixed guide awning include head box and base rail colour, valance shape and standard guides or stainless steel cable guides.

Maximum Width:

Minimum Width:



Maximum Drop:

Minimum Drop:



Maximum Sqm:   Head Box size: 175mm (h) 150mm (d)
Installation: Window Recess Window Face
Material Options: Blockout Acrylic Blockout Canvas Weave Mesh
Operation: Gear Crank Handle Motorised Pull Down rope
  • Easy to use- Maintenance free
  • Wide variety of fabrics – Full block out and see-through mesh
  • Ideal for high windows and hard to reach places.
  • Stylish ‘Awning’ appearance
  • Optional Powdercoated hood and Front rail in Dulux colours
  • Straight modern finish
Cleaning: Pressure Hose

303 Cleaning Spray

Brush off when dry Wait until dry before putting away
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