Honeycomb Pleated Blinds provide versatility in a beautiful and energy efficient blind.

Available in a diverse, fashionable range of colours in single and double cell with translucent and blockout options. Available operation mechanisms include cord, chain drive, cord drive, cordless and motorisation. A stay sharp pleat ensures consistency over the life of the blind.

Honeycomb blinds are made from Non-Woven polyester cell fabrics that are easy to clean and dust repellent.

Honeycomb blinds are durable, easy care and reduce heat loss and gain with a cellular design that creates pockets of stationary air that act as insulators. They stop up to 99% of UV rays and help protect carpets and furniture from fading.

Honeycomb blinds are versatile and can include skylight blinds, day-night blinds, top-down/bottom-up, two in one headrail, angled and arched windows.

Day night blinds are the most versatile of blinds, with a light filtering honeycomb fabric and a blockout honeycomb fabric running in the same blind, they give you heat protection, privacy and light control.

Operation of honeycomb blinds is very neat with no visible cords on the outside of the blind and no external holes to allow light through. Honeycomb shades will stack neatly away providing a perfect clear view to the outside when not in use. Snap in spring brackets ensure quick and easy installation.

An elegant shading solution for a subtle look and effective sun and thermal protection.

Maximum Width:Minimum Width: 3600mm500mm Maximum Drop:Minimum Drop: 3000mm500mm
Maximum Sqm: 3.71 Sqm (Blockout)5.57 (Light Filtering) Head rail size: 61mm X 28mm (50mm)35mm X 27mm (25mm)
Installation: Window Recess Window Face Skylight
Material Options: Polyester Light Filtering Polyester Blockout
Operation: Cord Motorised Easyrise
  • Highly Versatile –light filtering and blockout (privacy) Crisp neat folds for a classic look
  • Insulating as well as sun protecting stops up to 99% of UV rays
  • Compact when retracted for a neat and subtle finish and clear view of your window
  • Perfect for narrow, large or irregular shaped windows
  • Your choice of a range of designer colours and finishes
  • Full block out or translucent cell fabrics available
Cleaning: Vacuum Warm Damp Cloth Duster
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