Motorisation is the modern ways for families, schools and businesses to operate their blinds and awnings, with motorised blinds fast becoming a standard option not only reserved for exclusive hotel rooms!

When is it best to use motorised blinds?

Large size blinds and awnings
– Save your arms! Let the motor do the work. With electric blinds, we can cover much larger sizes.

Difficult access
– Have you got a window that can’t be reached even with a long handle? You can with a wireless remote! We can motorise the blind and shade those hard to reach skylight and stairwell windows.

Frequent Use
– Putting your blinds up every morning and down every night? – Electric blinds can have timers attached to automate them further.

Peace of Mind
– Campbell & Heeps can add a range of sensors to your motorised blinds and awnings to retract in high winds or rain, this gives you piece of mind your awnings are safe when you are away from home.

Chain Free
– Campbell & Heeps take your safety and that of your family very seriously. We cannot recommend highly enough putting the ‘chain free’ motorised roller blinds in areas where young children live and play.

Motorised blindsHow do I operate my motorised blinds?

Motorised/electric blinds can be easily operated using any of the following options:

  • Hardwired Switch fixed to the wall
  • Free- to move Wireless remote control
  • Connect to CBUS system
  • Automated timers and sensors

How much do electric blinds cost?

Less than you’d think!

The cost of automation for electric blinds has actually come down a lot in recent years! The motors themselves now cost hundreds not thousands per blind.

Saying this, it is an investment in a lifestyle product. Be wary of very cheap motorised blinds, as there has been an influx of poor quality cheap motors being imported.

If you are considering motorisation of your blinds ensure they come with the best warranties and that the manufacturers are going to be around for long enough to service them!

At Campbell & Heeps, we genuinely believe the budget spend on motorised blinds will be well appreciated in future years to come off easy to use blinds!

We only use motors from Somfy or Becker motors, both are European brands with 5-year warranties.

Motorised blind specialists

Campbell and Heeps have been making electrically automated or motorised blinds for over 25 years. We were one of the first companies in Melbourne and even in Australia to offer a motorised shading product!

Electric Blinds

Our highly experienced team members are all very familiar with the range of motorisation options available. We are confident about the quality and service we provide with our motorised options are the best available.

We can also recommend a registered and expert electrician to quote on powering up your awnings and blinds or we will happily liaise with your registered electrician on any queries.

We back our 5 Year Warranty on motors and stand by our selected motor suppliers fully.

Almost any type of shading system offered by Campbell & Heeps can be made to operate with an electric motor.

We can even come and quote for you to motorise your existing blinds, curtains or awnings!  Contact Campbell and Heeps for you motorisation solution, call 9880 2500

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